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Flooring can really be left up to your imagination. We are a full service flooring installation contractor in the Greater Denver Area. We can do it all, but keep in mind not all flooring is created equal. Depending on your preference in flooring type and pattern it could greatly change the cost and time it takes to complete the task.

Some of the most common flooring used are 

1.) Ceramic Tile - good for waterproofing a floor and can be used for floors indoor and outdoor.
2.) Hardwood Flooring - A personal favorite, they come in many shapes sizes and wood types.
3.) Laminate Flooring - A cheaper alternative to wood flooring. Great for high traffic areas.
4.) Marble FLooring - A great way to install stone floors, just make sure to keep the acids away!
5.) Bamboo Flooring - A newer, elegant flooring type. It is durable and comes manufactured very well.

We are a Licensed General Contracting company that specializes in Residential Remodeling. We offer Complimentary In Home Estimates to assess your project and a Full Project Management Service that can handle your remodel from start to finish without the need of other contractors. Our company focuses directly on Quality. We send only highly qualified flooring installation contractors to your Home or Job Site and they will complete the project in a Timely Manner with A Very High Standard of workmanship. Guaranteed!.

Flooring INstallation Contractor
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