Ending 2016 With Latest Kitchen Design Trends


Like anything that is designer made kitchens change trend regularly.  Of course, there will always be a place for concepts such as Mountain Contemporary and Transitional, but what if you wanted something a little more 2016?


Soft, matte colors are back from the 70's and look great!

Lots of designers are going with matte color cabinets and soft or rustic finishes with low gloss counters and we think it's a refreshing kitchen trend back from the retro!

Photo by Ventura69/iStock / Getty Images

Three Kings

White, black and stainless are by far the dominators of the kitchen world. With Stone really becoming more affordable you are seeing a lot of granite and quartz counters and backsplashes and wood flooring is actually becoming affordable as well. So we see a lot of good looking and long lasting kitchens. 

There are a plethora of kitchen designs and The Denver Area is a hot spot for revealing all of them. Whatever your idea is of a functional and attractive kitchen is, we are here to help make it work for you.

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